Obama Survival Kit
Everything you need to get through the next 3 years!

What You Get

  • Ten Gold Coins
    (to combat the upcoming hyper-inflation as the government continues to print money. These are chocolate-filled so they can double as comfort food)
  • Stress Ball
    (to control your anger)
  • Package of Tissues
    (to control your tears)
  • Pocket Constitution
    (to remind you how the government is supposed to run)
  • You Built That! Entrepreneur Mouse Pad
    (to recognize YOUR accomplishments not the Government's)
  • Personal First Aid Kit
    (to use when you lose your healthcare plan due to ObamaCare)
  • Instructional Card
    (to remind you how and when to use each item)    
  • Professional Packaging
    (contents come in a beautiful "Made in the USA" red box)

New Year Special!

Order now and we will include a second "Bonus" Obama Kit Stress Ball that you can give to your family, friend or co-worker.

Your boss will love it!